Benefits of Accreditation

CCHI accredited continuing education programs are a select community of organizations and individuals that share a commitment to educational rigor, excellence and integrity.

  • Accreditation shows you promote the highest professional standards for healthcare interpreters.
  • Accreditation increases a program’s credibility and shows the program means business. Healthcare interpreters trust accredited programs to provide high quality continuing education.
  • Accreditation gives training providers a competitive edge. A program’s reputation benefits from affiliation with CCHI. Healthcare interpreters need continuing education hours to maintain their CCHI credentials and they seek out organizations that can offer pre-approved programs.
  • Accreditation strengthens a program’s capabilities. The accreditation process is guided by the skills and knowledge needed by healthcare interpreters. Programs benefit from ensuring that the program addresses the skills needed on the job.
  • Accreditation increases a program’s visibility. Programs are authorized to use CCHI’s accreditation logo in promotional materials and are listed in CCHI’s national training provider registry.