CCHI accredits various types of continuing education programs that are delivered in any venue – classroom, online, conference sessions, or workshops. Organizations or individuals that create and deliver continuing education and/or training activities, courses or programs are eligible for CCHI’s Continuing Education Accreditation Program if the program meets CCHI’s six Accreditation Criteria.

  1. Register with us

    Registration provides access to the CEAP system and visibility to all that intend to complete the accreditation process. Once a training provider registers, they are listed as “Pending Review and Approval” in the CEAP Registry and “Find a Training Program Directory”.

    There are two registration levels:

    • $50 registration fee for individual trainers
    • $150 registration fee for corporate training providers (companies or organizations, e.g. hospitals, non-profit agencies.)

    Registered training providers have one year to submit an application for one or more training programs. To remain in the system for more than one year as “pending” a training provider must repeat the registration process and pay the registration fee again. Once a training provider has at least one program accredited by CCHI within the year of registration, they do not have to pay the registration fee again. Instead, they must pay a specific program annual renewal fee.

  2. Submit a training program application

    CCHI has six accreditation fee levels for the CEAP. Accreditation fees are calculated per hour depending on the number of instructional hours of the program. Instructional hours do not include lunch, other breaks, assessment or administrative comments (e.g. welcome, overview, conclusion, evaluation, etc.).

    Level A instructional hour (e.g. an in-service or brown bag lunch) $25
    Level B 2 – 11 instructional hours program
    If the course has 2 instruction hours, the fee is $42. If the course has 11 hours, the fee is $231.
    $21 per hour
    Level C 12 – 21 instructional hours program $19.50 per hour
    Level D 22 – 31 instructional hours program $18 per hour
    Level E 32 – 40 instructional hours program $16.50 per hour
    Level F 41 – 65 instructional hours program $15 per hour

    CEAP offers the following special pricing (via a special code):

    • To associations of interpreters and translators, and for language-specific non-academic programs - $15 flat fee per one session of up to 4 hours in duration.

    • Conference accreditation fee (to associations of interpreters and translators) is based on the number of sessions accredited, at $15 per session, and the maximum fee per conference is $200.

    To obtain the special pricing code, contact us at info@ceapcchi.org.

    Applications can be submitted for review and approval at any time. CEAP will review applications within up to 30 days of submission, depending on volume and reviewer capacity. Our usual turnaround processing time is 2 weeks. Training providers can pay a rush surcharge of $100 to have a program reviewed within 7 business days.

    CEAP Accreditation is valid for the following terms regardless of the program's frequency:

    • Two (2) years: Online training modules (including webinars), language-specific training courses (i.e. not English-only or language-neutral), and academic programs (universities, community colleges, state-accredited educational institutions),

    • One (1) year: all other training programs and conferences.

    To maintain accreditation for subsequent years, programs are required to submit a renewal fee and a renewal application. The program renewal fee is 80% of the corresponding level A-F fee.

    Learn more in our National CEAP Manual at http://cchicertification.org/uploads/CCHI_CEAP_Manual.pdf.